from by Cicadan



Dim light of the estranged, a colossal end, a silent rebirth.

Shimmering from the canopy, silent eyes of anticipation.
Sliding through the soil, hardened plates of ancient coil.
The drone is ever quietened by encroaching dark and cloud.
Sine waves grind and zephyrs vibrate, wood and stone is mould.

Screams of an infant, pierce and blind guilt.
Imposition of a celestial limbo, inescapable, ungraspable (eternal).

Lucidity of the unknown, marks acceptance of mortality.
Decisions, power, consequence... malicious burdens of hierarchy.

(Ask not why we are here, but why we are still here.)

Violence, aggression, fear, all calmed by Gaia,
let the cosmic event continue.


from Mother, released July 30, 2012




Cicadan Cobram, Australia

Cicadan is the sonic manifestation of a world largely lost.

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